Monday, May 17, 2010

One Year!

A year ago today Jake and I were standing in that same spot, at the point in Grand Bend and he asked me to maybe try a relationship with him. Well today was kind of like every other day, I got up early and showered and got ready for another boring day at school. Following school I got to spend a few hours a work and then came home.

When I got home from from work I was in a rush because I had to be somewhere for an appointment. As I came rushing into the house to quickly grab something to eat I noticed some flowers sitting on the coffee table in our family room. At first I kind of ignored them thinking that my dad might have bought my mom flowers but my mom kept looking at me funny. So I walked over to them and my mom had told me to "OPEN THE CARD" "OPEN IT" so I opened the card and inside it said Happy one year baby and then at the bottom of the card was PROM!?!

The weird thing was, Jake and I had been talking about all the different ways that everyone has been asked to prom. The other weird thing was, that I had told Jake that he has to ask me to prom otherwise I wasn't going with him.

When I got up this morning I thought it was going to be just another day but it turned out to be different:)

Happy one year Jaker:D