Sunday, June 13, 2010

NSD Crop!

Today Dianne had a crop that she organized for her service dog that she is raising. The crop took place in Cambridge at hall and it went from9-5. My Mom, Joanne and I attended the crop and got a bunch completed(excluding my mom).

When we got there we got all unpacked and then as we were just getting in the zone two golden retriever puppies came in and were walking around the hall. I grabbed one as soon as it started to waddle past me. My mom ended up a getting a few good pictures of the puppies.

As the puppies started to wonder around to the other people in the hall I started to work on a layout. The first layout I completed is below. The pictures are of a build a bear that Jake and I made and his name is Jaker.

The second layout that I completed was of a picture of me at my semi formal. I copied a layout of a design team layout that Shelby completed but just changed up the papers. It turned out very well:)

The layout below was being retarded when I uploaded it so I'm sorry that it is turned the opposite way it was turned the right way before I uploaded it but once it uploaded it changed. Anyways, this layout is a store display that Shelby created(I really like Shelby's work). The pictures were taken by a bridge in Conestoga.

This layout was also copied from a store display that guess who made:) Shelby! The picture was taken at the cottage that our family rented this past summer.

As everyone was working away on layouts and stuff. Dianne had a table where we could buy raffle tickets to put into the prizes that we wanted to win. As that was going on we were having draws for other prizes that she has set aside. Now I always have luck with winning things at events like this. Usually it was with a certain friend that I would always win things with but I usually have the luck to win things in draws. So when she was doing the draws sure enough my name was called and I won a little case with body lotion, bubble bath, hand soap, and bath salts. After the raffle tickets were all in we did the draw for that and sure enough don't I win two prizes from the raffle. The one prize was another bath set and then I also won a mental containers with an album, 40 pattern papers(that are actually really cute) chipboard letters, rubons, stickers, etc. Joanne and my mom weren't too impressed because they didn't win anything.

Layout Updates!

Well I haven't been posting on my blog very much at. I have wanted to but sometimes I just couldn't think of anything to write about and the things that I could write about I had photos for and didn't want to upload them at the time. Anyways, the layout below is pretty cool. The picture was taken this past summer at the cottage that our family rents.

The flowers on the layout are actually made out of tissue paper. What I did was got a 2" scalloped circle punch and punched four circles. Then I took a stamp that my mom had and stamped on the tissue paper and layered them on top of each other and put a brad in the middle.

This layout at first wasn't my favourite at first because I thought it looked very plain but as soon I got it completed it was probably one of my favourite layouts that I have done. The picture was taken when I went on my trip to Washington DC in April.

This picture was taken this year on Easter.

The one half of the layout below was copied from a store display that Shelby did. I used this layout for some pictures from the Washington trip. The first page I used page protectors that are divided into 4x6 portions and I chose to scrapbook the one section.

The first page below was also copied from a store display that Shelby made. The second page was completed like the layout above

The layout below I created by using a sketch that Joanne made that was posted on her sketch blog(click on the link and it will go to the sketch) at first I found it kind of hard to complete a layout from using a sketch but it was much easier than I thought.