Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 3(at night)

For dinner that night we went to a little town called Alexandria, it was like a little St. Jacobs. It had little shops, and cute little restaurants that you could go to. Some friends and I decided to go to a little Italian place, and the food was amazing!

Once we were finished eating, the teachers gave us time to go and walk around and shop a little or we could go down by the water. So Jake and I went down to the water. It was beautiful outside! The weather was perfect that day, and it wasn't super busy down by the water either.

There was a cute little place to eat right by the water that had seafood and stuff like that. I would have loved to go there to eat but we assumed that it would have been fairly pricey.

We came across a little dock that we walked out onto and got a few photos that I thought turned out really well.

When we walked back up to the main street there was a man that was playing music on wine glasses filled with distilled water. It was really neat!

After I watched the man for a little while me and some girls went up to the one shop that had washington stuff. I ended up getting a really neat purple sweater.

After everyone was finished shopping and eating dinner we went to go and see the Lincoln Memorial. It was insane there! There were schools from all over the place.

* this was a really neat picture I thought because the sun was setting

*This is a picture of some of the girls that I hung out with down in Washington.

This was inside the Lincoln Memorial. there were so many people in there it was so hard to get good pictures.

We went to some other Memorials that night but my camera was being stuipid and wasn't turning out right while I was taking pictures so I just gave up because their wern't turning out right.

Day 3!(during the day)

Today we had to be boarding the bus by 7:45 because we had to drive back into Washington from our hotel. In the morning we went to the Arlington Cemetery.

The cemetery has the remains of about 175,000 American Soldiers and president Kennedy. The cemetery was beautiful. There were flowers in every direction you turned, the leaves were on the trees and the cemetery was kept very well. The one thing that surprised me so much, was that you could look for miles and miles and you would still see the headstones, there were that many people there.

*I took this picture when we first got into the cemetery.

* See what I mean, you can see headstones forever!

While we were walking around we ran into a ceremony that was going on for a solider that had just passed away. We walked up as it was ending but what I did end up seeing was really neat. Once we finished watching that we continued out walk we ran into this huge white building and inside were all of these rows or marble benches, it was so pretty.
I have a picture of Jake and I on this one huge chair but the person that took the picture still has to send it to me.

*me and Chloe on the one part of the building

*picture of the inside of the building

After we left there we came across this little bridge that I thought was really cute so I made Jake pose for a picture or two!

*This was the last stop at the cemetery. We stopped at Kennedy's grave. It was very unique, i the middle of the whole thing there was a fire. Beside him was his daughter and wifre. All around him were some of the rest of his family.

That afternoon we had time to go and look at some of the other Smithsonian Museums. The group that i was with wanted to go to the Natural History Museum. At first I thought it was going to be really dumb but when you when in there was a real elephant(that was stuffed & happens to be my favourite animal of all times)

Once we were in the Museum we went into the Oceans section. Inside there were all these preserved sea creatures. It was hard to take picture of some things because they were all in glass cases. So sorry if the picture don't turn out the greatest. Also I have only put up the smallest amount of what I actually took. After we looked at the ocean's creatures we traveled through the human body section(it was really boring so i didn't take any picture in that section because it was all bones and stuff) After that there was a section with all kinds of animals that have been stuffed and then brought to the museum

*I never really realized how large a giraffe actually was until Jake took a picture of me standing beside one. I am not tall at all but i'm the average height of a person and that giraffe is very fall compared to me.

*This was a picture of the octopus that I saw. In movies and stuff they always make them look so cute... and I don't think he is cute at all!

*The really neat part of the animal section was that they wern't just standing there stuffed they movied the animals into positions that made them look really real. For example; the fighting scene that the lions are having up above.
After the animal section we went to see the "hope" diamond(in picture below) and I found it really disappointing. Everyone made it seem like it was going to be some huge diamond but it wasn't as big and everyone said. The diamond section was really busy so we left there right after we took a picture of the "hope" diamond. After that there was a bug/reptile section. There were turtles, snakes, spiders, bees, ticks, beetles, etc.
One really cool part about his section was the bees that they had. They had a bunch of these bees making hoest and we all look at eachother and said where are the flowers? And then one of us noticed a tude that went from the nest to the outside an a bunch of bees were flying in and out of this tube with honey.

Most of the people we came into the museum with split up from us and our deal was that we would meet them at about two and then we would go to another museum. But about half of us were ready to just fall asleep or sit for the last two hours. But instead a bunch of us agreed to go and watched a 3D imax movie. I never was a fan for imax movies but I was willing to go and sit through one so that I didn't have to do anymore walking. The movie we went to go and see was called Wild Ocean 3D. We all thought that it was going to be about all different wildlife in the ocean but no it was about sardenes the whole time!! All of us at one point ended up falling alseep through the 45 minute movie. I was kind of bummed by the end because I paided $8.75 to have a nap.

I will hve another post on what happened on day 3 at night!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well day wo was probably one of the busiest day of the trip! We had to be leaving the first hotel by eight. In my room the first night there were four girls, so we had to be up by 5:45 so that we could all shower and eat breakfast downstairs. We had a really long drive to get to the first stop for the day, but I passed most of the time by sleeping it off.
Our first stop of the day was the Luray Caverns. This place was amazing and probably the most interesting. I thought that we were going to look at caves outside and I have to admit I wasn't too excited to go at all!

*this is Jake and I after we went through the Caverns. We just sat and relaxed while we waited for the bus

When we got to the caverns we went intside and the people working there gave us a headset with a number pad thing attached to it. Each station you went to inside the caverns had a number you could enter into your key pad. Once you entered the number you would hear a man talking about what you were seeing.

It was really neat inside because all of the rocks were growing from the ceiling down.

It was amazing inside the caverns! It was like nothing I have seen before. The rocks took about 120 years to grow 1 inch! If you touched any of the rocked it could stop their growth.

*This was one of the cooled thing I have ever seen! In the picture you see rocks growing from the top and the bottom. It's tricking your eyes! The rocks on the top were the real rocks and the rocks on the bottom were a reflection. But it look like they were under water, but the water was only about and inch deep

* same thing with this one, the reflection of the rocks on the top, The water was proably about an inch here as well

* the part that is white in the background was known as the Pluto ghost

* we got closer later on and I got a picture with it:)

* There was a section of the caverns were the water was deeper and everyone that was walking by was throwing money into the water. I thought it was cool that they threw in one dollar bills! Every couple of months they take the money out of the water and donate it to certain events.

* this is was also really cool! We noticed that the rocks looked like eggs!

After the caverns we went to one of the Smithsonian museums. Today we went to the air and space museum. It was really cool because when you walked in there were capsules that astronauts had landed in the water on their way back to Earth. I never really realized how little space that they have when they are in outer space. In the meuseum there was so much to look at. There were planes, space ships, and other objects that have done something special at one point. There were some place that you could walk through/ look at but most of them were just hanging from the cailing all over the place

For dinner we went to Union Station. I ended up getting a t-shirt that would remind me of the trip. Jake and I went to Jonny Rockets for dinner that night. My mom told me she had it when she went to California and she really liked it so I thought I would give it a try

Jake and I both thought that it was really good! When our meals were given to us we were given each a bowl with a smiley face made with ketchup. I made jake pose for a picture because I thought it was really cute.

Once I had taken the second picture and looked on the camera we both realized that the face was no longer there.

After dinner we all went to a play called Shear Madness. It took place in a hair salon and to make the story shorter and less complicated there was a murder and the actors/actresses were very involved with the audience an they let the audience solve the case. After the play was over we headed to the second hotel. When we got there we all settled in the relaxed until curfew because we all had to get up early the next morning.

Day One!

Well I am back from Washington! My trip was amazing! I have seen and done thing I never thought I would get the chance to do.
The first day we stopped at a coal mine is Lackawana, PA. We were running behind because we got held up at the border. We ended up getting to the coal mine at about 3:30 and when we got there I thought that the tour was going to be a movie or some old man talking to us about what it was like to be in a mine, but I was very wrong! When we got there half of us got into a yellow cart that was caged in and was attached to a large cable at the front. I was in the first group of people that went down into the mine, and I sat at the back of the cart so I was able to take pictures. As the cart was moving down the track and man was telling us what to do if something bad happened and i was okay with the idea of going down into a mine until I was hearing the what if's. I tried to take pictures on the way down but it was way to dark and you couldn't see anything.

Once we were down there the tour guide was explaining that we were about 300 feet under the surface and that around us there were gallons and gallons of water. As we continued the tour I started to realize how dangerous it actually was to work down in a coal mine. I was surprised that kids as young as seven would go down into the coal mine and work a ten or twelve hour day.

As I said before pictures were really hard to take down in the mine because the was limited light down in the mine. After we left the coal mine we still had a long time to drive until we got to our first hotel. We stopped for dinner on the way, and me and a group of friends went to a place called Perkin's. It was a little diner and was probably the best meal I had on the entire trip.


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well we stopped for the night!! I went to the coal mines today and it was so cool! I didn't bring something to take the pictures off the camera so i will have to post them when I get home. Only two more hours until I am in Washington tomorrow:)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 Dayss!:)

As of Saturday I am leaving for Washington DC with my science class. I am getting really excited for this trip as the days get closer! The ride is about 12 hours long and we get to take a coach bus! I have never been on one before so I am kind of excited to go on one for the first time! While we are in Washington we are going to a coal mine on the way down, the holocaust museum, the monuments at night, we are going to some cemetery where famous people are, and one night we are going to watch a play. I am bringing my laptop and I hope I will be able to post some of the stuff that I do down there. I will take a bunch of pictures!:) I AM GOING TO PROVE YOU WRONG MOM!:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Me and some friends had attended a surprise birthday for a friend that had moved away back in grade nine(i didn't know him but Jake invited me to tag along) The surprise birthday took place a East Side Mario's and it turned out really well.

Jake's birthday was coming up the next weekend on April 5th and I wanted to do something special, something that he wouldn't think I would ever do, something he would remember for a long time. Sure he would love if I took him to some fancy dinner and then maybe went to a movie after but I wanted it to different from every other birthday he might have had. So one night I was sitting in bed and he texted me and said that the surprise dinner thing was really cool but I wouldn't want one for myself.

Well then an idea jumped into my head! I was going to have a surprise dinner for Jake with his family and closest friends at his favourite restaurant. Now Jake loves food and almost all the places we have gone to eat out he always says I love this place so for me to pick his favourite place to eat was going to be hard without help. So I somehow had to get it out of Jake without him assuming anything. So that night I called him and told him I needed to know his top three restaurants because my mom and I were arguing about what they were. His reply was Turtle Jacks(number 1), Mongolian(number 2) and then East Sides (number 3).

After some research it came down to that we had to go to East Sides because I had to big of a group and they wouldn't be able to get us all together. So after I had set a date I went onto facebook and sent out the invites to everyone(let me tell you trying to see if everyone can come is stressful) Once the date got closer i sent out a reminder message to make sure everyone remember.

On Friday Jake drove to my house and I let him know I had to drive because we have never been there before and it was on the other side of Kitchener(and we have been toe east sides a billion times). Jake kept pushing to get going because he was hungry and I was trying to delay everything because people were texting me from the restaurant saying don't come yet. So finally I just decided we would leave but I would just drive around and pretend that we actually were on the way.

I drove all the way down by uptown Waterloo, the rec, rim, the mall, I pretty much drove all over Waterloo. Then Jake started to clue into the fact that we weren't really on our way there. He kept saying your taking me home and making me dinner there aren't you! but I just shut my mouth and kept driving. Finally I got the OK to come and we were on our way! When we pulled into the parking lot he kept saying AMANDA I TOLD YOU WE WERE GOING HERE... and I just smiled! When we got into the restaurant he found out I made a reservation and I never do. The lady took us to the table and when we walked in everyone yelled surprise!

Jake didn't look to impressed at first but I know he liked it. He wasn't to impressed when they came in to sing to him but whatever:) Overall I learned that it's a lot harder to plan something than I thought! But I had fun doing it:)

Happy birthday Jaker:)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

uh... I have no life at all!

Okay well I thought since as of tomorrow it would have been a month since I have posted anything on my blog so I had to post something even if it was nothing really. I have been doing a whole lot of nothing! So therefore I have nothing to blog about. I hope to find something soon!:)