Thursday, July 1, 2010


Tuesday was a very exciting day for me because it was my grade 12 prom. I tried to upload the pictures in the order that they were taken but the up loader was placing them in a weird order and I didn't want to try to upload them all again. So sorry that they are out of order.

On Monday my friend Chloe and I went to go and get our nails done. I had my first pedicure that day and wow did I ever love the feeling. On Tuesday I had some appointments through the afternoon for my makeup and my hair.

The limo met at Jake's house at 6 so that we could get a few pictures at Jake's house because his backyard is perfect for pictures and then we would take the limo to Victoria park to get some more pictures. I have pictures that I took from inside the limo but I haven't uploaded them yet, I will have to do a different post with them later.

The guys didn't have very much fun at all taking all these pictures but they will appreciate it one day.

This was a picture taken in Jake's backyard by the one garden. All the girls were having trouble standing in the grass because our heels were sinking into the ground.

This picture was taken at Victoria park on the one bridge.

I told my mom I wanted a picture with our limo driver. He told me no one has ever asked for a picture with him and he was very happy to take one for me

I had a really fun night that I don't think I will ever forget:D