Friday, November 12, 2010

My sister!

About five years ago I met a girl when I started grade seven and her name was Shannon. She was just like me. She was shy when you first met her but once she warmed up to you she could talk your ear off. Shannon and I became best friends all through grade seven until March when she told me that she was going to be moving to Branford I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I couldn't believe that I met someone that I really liked being friends with and now she was going to move away forever. Shannon came home the odd time to visit her family that lived in Kitchener/Waterloo but I didn't get to see much of her.

When she moved away we promised we would write letters back and forth and we would talk over the computer as well. One other promise we made was that we would always be best friends. As we grew up our lives got busy and we didn't really talk much. I was meeting new people and so was she. She would come down to visit her family and we wouldn't hang out anymore because we were both so busy. In August Shannon texted me and told me she was moving back to Kitchener/Waterloo to live with her foster family because things weren't going so well where she lived. When she told me that I was all excited that I would get to see her but really nervous at the same time. We planned a date to hang out and when we did everything was just like before. We talked for hours about everything that had happened in the five years that we had apart. Things started going down hill at her foster house and now she is living with my family.

This is Shannon and I now! Shannon has been living with us for a week now and everything is moving smoothly. We are pretty much all settled into our bedroom. I will post pictures later of our bedroom once everything is finished. Shannon now has a family. She has come from a rough past and has never really had a place that she is able to call home or a family that she can call a family. She seems to be fitting in very well and I hope she is happy.

I have always wanted a sister and now I am able to say that I have one. Shannon welcome to our family!


  1. I think what you and your family have done is amazing. Everyone deserves the love and support of a family even if it's not the one you're born into.
    My sister's name is Shannon too! :)

  2. Amanda, you have a really big heart and I know that Shannon has found her home. I love her just like she is one of my own kids and I made room in my heart, right next to you. I love you kiddo!

  3. Welcome to your extended family Shannon