Friday, November 12, 2010


Last year I changed high schools and went to Elmira. Going there I was very nervous that I wasn't going to meet any new people because they have all been friends since they were little since it's such a small town. Last year I met a bunch of new people but not someone who I could call my best friend. This year I went back for a fifth year and I'm finished school in January. I was very nervous this year going back because I knew that almost all my friends from last year had moved onto university or college. But I have met a girl who I never thought I would have talked to and her name is Robin!

Robin is the girl on the right. We both have the same time table so we spend a bunch of time together. Robin is a very down the earth girl. She loves to be herself and doesn't really care what anyone thinks of her. She has a very unique style that I know I wouldn't be able to pull off. Now that I have met Robin I am able to say that my switch to Elmira was a good choice:) Thank you Robin for everything:)

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  1. Robin is so sweet. You always make great choices for friends.