Friday, February 12, 2010

Semi Formal!

Last night I had my Semi-formal at St. George Hall. Before this Semi I had only ever gone to my grade nine one because in grade 10 I went to California with my mom and in grade 11 I ended up getting grounded(and I deserved it) but anyways. This year I was in a leadership class at my school and i was really hoping that the first semester class got the chance to run semi because the second semester class would get to run our prom. Well me and four other girls ran semi this year.

Our theme was Las Vegas and at first I was thinking okay... so this is going to suck like what kind of decorations could you get for Las Vegas that would be appropriate for a school function because everything in Vegas that I have ever known was about drinking and hardly any clothes. Well we saw the hall and it is beautiful! It was huge and we thought we were going to have trouble filling the space. I was thinking in the small town of Elmira there would maybe be a little bit over 100 kids there... well I guess completely wrong! We had over 300 kids attend the dance.

I spent all day yesterday at the hall with the other girls hanging up decorations and setting up tables. I never really realized how difficult it was to run an event that you knew everyone would remember. This dance was something that so many people remember and look forward too and I was one of the people they blame if something didn't go right or if the dance "sucked"

So all five of us were very nervous the whole week before and until we got there last night.

I wore the dress that I was going to wear last year. Since I didn't get a new dress this year I went to go and get my hair done. I thought since it was my last year I would do something special and I thought it turned out really well. For Christmas my brothers gave me a gift certificate to go and get my nails done so I also used that towards my "semi look"

Since I am creating a book for Jake and now I have started my own 12x12 album I wanted a bunch of pictures that I could scrapbook and I told my mom that she would be in charge. So my mom and I set out into the garage to find one of my dads shop lights(that blind you when you get your pictures taken by the way) and a white sheet and we put it over our TV unit and away we went.

Jake came over about an hour before we had to leave because I didn't know how long it would take for us to get all the picture taken. Well when we were about to leave I got really bad butterflies and started to get really nervous....

When we got there everyone was standing in the lobby because they were waiting for all their friends to get there. So Jake and I did the same because no one from grade twelve was there yet... So Jake and I were watching people come in(and I could have done that all night) Some of the dresses that the girls came in were like covering hardly any part of their body and come of them were just plain ugly!

Once more people that we hung out with got there we went in an danced for the rest of the night.

Since I was one of the people who ran Semi-formal I had the pleasure to clean up the hall when everyone left!!(just what I wanted to do after I danced for 3 hours) Jake drove that night so he had the pleasure of helping as well.
Overall Semi-formal went over really well! I had a blast running it and attending it!:)

I told my mom that I wanted to post the pictures on my blog before she did but she didn't listen so here they all are...(thanks mom!)

I will be the first to scrapbook them since I didn't get to post them first!


  1. Great photos Amanda, you looked amazing and i am dying to know what you did to get grounded in gr 11... lol!

  2. Amanda your pictures are really nice. YOu look all grown up. How about a pic for Grandma G.

  3. You looked so beautiful......and Jake was very handsome too. I am glad you had a great time.

  4. Your dress is beautiful and so are you! I am so glad that you had a good time :)